Green Water Technologies on Water Quality in Houston, Texas


A new study by the Environmental Working Group revealed some interesting information about the safety of tap water, shares the team at Green Water Technologies. After a three-year investigation of water supplies in communities throughout the United States, the organization discovered some troubling statistics about water quality in Houston, Texas and other populous U.S. cities.

The cities with the worst water quality, according to the Environmental Working Group, are Pensacola, Florida; Riverside, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Houston, Texas ranked sixth on the list. Green Water Technologies points out that chemicals found in these water supplies included nitrite, nitrate, atrazine, manganese, lead, arsenic and trihalomethanes.

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Green Water Technologies Explains Benefits of Softened Water

Water impurities cause damage to household appliances and can reduce their effectiveness, according to the experts at Green Water Technologies.

Q: How are hot water heaters affected by “hard” water?

Green Water Technologies: Hot water heaters see more water than any other appliance in the average home. This means they are most at-risk for damage due to particle contaminants. A hot water heater, whether it contains a storage basin or is tankless, may suffer severe and irreparable damages from hard water including scale build up and decreased efficiency. Worse, hard water can cause these and other appliances to fail prematurely, costing a homeowner thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

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Green Water Technologies Discusses Problems Caused by Unconditioned Water

Green Water Technologies

Green Water Technologies discusses the benefits of treated water with families throughout South Texas. Many families are surprised to learn that they’ve been living with the effects of unconditioned water for years without even knowing it, notes Green Water Technologies. Unconditioned water is visible throughout a home, leaving residue and affecting the quality of a family’s showers.

Green Water Technologies searches for three major symptoms when speaking with homeowners who are considering a water treatment system. To determine whether a household’s water needs attention, Green Water Technologies looks for these three items.

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Green Water Technologies Describes Signs of Unconditioned Water

Green Water Technologies

Green Water Technologies, located in San Antonio, Texas, offers the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE to South Texas customers. They staff dedicated and licensed professional water treatment specialists who provide expert service to clients. 

Q: What are some common signs of unconditioned water?

Green Water Technologies: The most obvious indications are the clarity, taste and odor of the water. This in itself does not mean the water poses a health concern. The EPA requires testing of municipality water supplies and those results are available from the local utility companies on request. However, the EPA does not test the water in individual houses or the pipes that carry the water to those residences, so the possibility of contaminated water finding its way into a home is still there. 

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Green Water Technologies: Protect Your Family With a Water Purifying System

Green Water Technologies

There are many reasons why water supplied to a home can be less than optimal from a health and taste standpoint. In the following Q&A, a representative of Green Water Technologies discusses some of the problems that water supply can present and suggests a practical solution.

Q: Many people don’t think about what it takes to get municipal water into their homes.

Green Water Technologies: That’s true. Even though municipal water starts out safe and fully sanitized, there is often a water tower, miles of pipe, and even a home’s plumbing system between the treatment facility and the faucet, with lots of opportunities for impurities to enter.

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